Week One — Day One

MKMMA first video flew by. My old blueprint was going crazy when Mark J announced that it would be 60-90 minutes long. I began thinking that is really long, can the kids keep to themselves that long, will I have a house left…. Before I knew it we were at the Q&A and all had survived.

Truthfully; it took me a few tries to make it through Think and Grow Rich. There is a fear in me that I won’t make it. I have to. Mark Bonner spoke in regards of being at a low. I must succeed.

Once upon a time I knew who I was. My imagination and creativity were strong and drove me. I had a power and a strength that I thought was like magic. I had control over body and mind. If I wanted something it would be because I would make it so.

Unfortunately, I started listening to someone else and not my inner-self. I became lost in that cement that began to surround and encase me. Several times over the years some of the cement came off but only to be covered again. Each time more came off as I have worked to find my inner-self, the voice of truth…….in a sense; the magic, my magic.

My daughter has the same gifts. Her imagination and creativity are strong. She has a way with people; empathy, compassion, love, a sense of right and order, to see good. I have seen the beginnings of ‘cement’. She is sensitive. The teasing of another child or fear of being singled out. One of my greatest fears is that she will also lose who she it and become lost. I want her to understand the world around her. I want her to face it with strength not fear it or hide. I want her to stay imaginative and compassionate about life. Most of all not to have to lose time to those things. Time is something you can never get back.

I have already begun on my journey to success.

I have been walking each morning. Working on a schedule. Doing tasks that I may not like but doing them anyway. Sorting out what I really need in my life. Realizing that not everyone has my back; but that is ok. Spending time with family and those whom I care about. Stopping to smell the flowers and listen to the birds again; not to mention sitting for a few minutes and actually hearing my own heartbeat.

This is going to be awesome!! 





” If it is to be then it is up to me”

I was going through some old notes today and found this quote I had written some time ago. Not sure where I quoted it from but felt it needed to be posted; not lost within my papers again.

” If it is to b…

Another step to new BluePrint

My new “Blue Print” got a great kick start last week with my new work out routine. I am walking each morning and turning off the TV in the evening (if I had it on at all).  I have found that part of a new BP is keeping up with the times. I have been working on an old netbook; which uses Windows XP. It was great in its day. However, it is now slow and I find that I was either begging for it to work, follow my instructions or I was threatening it with a swim in the pool. Either way not good. So to keep with positive thoughts Karma…and such…..

Today I am learning to use Windows 8 on a regular 15 inch laptop.  Yeah! 

I love it!

No more begging. I click and it doesn’t argue or challenge my thoughts or commands. 

There is Peace in the Kingdom again.