Week Five – Zero to……Being My Own Hero

2013-10-27 18.04.00

This weekend my family has been busy getting ready for Halloween.  Across the globe we celebrate with pumpkins, goblins, parties, bobbing for apples, ghost stories and Trick-or-Treating.  Costumes are worn by most, from the very very young to the young at heart.

In my household, we jumped in starting on Wednesday with a shopping spree to find costumes. My daughter had spent hours cyber shopping already but then of course changed her mind when we got into the store. Friday kicked it off with a Halloween party at school. We spent Saturday carefully placing cobwebs and spiders across our front doorway, on the lamp post and across chairs. We also joined hundreds of other families at SeaWorld’s Trick or Treat Festivities (see above pic of my daughter with a mermaid at the park). Thursday will be our day to meet and greet neighbors as we traverse house to house dressed up as the, self proclaimed, Queen and Princess of the Land! ……while seeking out candy.

As I begin Week Five of Master Key Mastermind Alliance I think about the many ‘costumes’ and ‘masks’ we wear.  I wear, and have worn many throughout my lifetime. When I was little I wanted to be a singer then I wanted to be a teacher. I believed I was capable of being and doing anything if I only set my mind to it. I could sit forever and observe the world around me. I would test my own inner power by hearing only my own heartbeat and breathing and then carefully slow everything down and feel as though I had slowed down the whole world around me.

As I got into high school society began to change my thinking. I fell into the boxes of what I ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t do’ and therefore what to believe was possible for me. We get molded to the careers we should seek. Who should attend college or not. After I got married I followed the road placed before me as a wife and mother. I realize now that it wasn’t long before I wasn’t writing or drawing as often.

Over the past several decades I have worn many masks; some were of conscious choice some just happened by what ever means. I am a daughter and a sister. I am a mother and a grandmother. Along the way; I have been a student, a teacher, a restaurant owner, a researcher, a geologist, a business owner, a follower, a leader….

For all the thunders, blunders and wonders, high and lows, tears and laughter I have seen; they have all led me to who and where I am today.

I have found hero’s in books and magazines, on television and the radio, in my community and on the web.

Now I seek a new hero!  The hero inside me. I shall wear the mask of my own smiling face. Regardless of what I wear on the outside, it will be the one I shall always see.

No longer will I sit quietly and agree politely………to the cement builders

I love this song!  [ please excuse the length But the choreographing, theme and outfits are fantastic and well suited 🙂 ]

It feels like such a fit for the changes going on over the past four weeks and those coming up!

Not to mention it is the week of Halloween!

So…. to all the ghosts and goblins, princes and princesses…………………. Let’s hear you Roar!


Week Four – Mastering the ‘I’

The dictionary simply defines ” I ” as, “pronoun, first person singular, the individual speaking”.

Society looks at ‘ I ‘ as a term to define the whole self; the ‘Me’, ‘Myself’, and ‘I’. The physical, emotional, and spiritual self all in one.  If you view and use it incorrectly you are said to be ‘selfish’.

Through Master Keys Mastermind Alliance I am learning more about ‘ me, myself and I. Getting an inside, in-depth view and a new awakening.  Haanel in The Master Key System writes that our “I” is not the physical body nor the mind…… it is the spiritual. It is the everything, the center,  the ‘Within’. We must recognize realize and control this ‘I’ for it is not us, just as an individual, but that of which is a part of the Universal.

th (5)We are amazing creations. We think, move, act and react without a thought as to how it works. How many of us have taken apart something as kids to see how it works. Many have never thought about the light, electricity and chemistry that goes on in our own bodies. Four billion connections sparking at that first thought when we wake in the morning. The vibrations of thought or the vibration of sound. The thousands of miles of highways, bi-ways and rivers within ourselves.

Mastering my ‘ I ‘ as a spiritual entity; my Within that is a part of the Universal and in control of my Without.  Each of my individual characteristics, traits, thoughts, moods, habits, actions ….. the who that is me, comes down to ‘ I ‘.

…..a bit of Quantum Physics and Fun …..

Week Three – Law of Attraction

Eight months ago I met Davene and Mark in Atlanta. At the time, I had just completed T&GR’s Hero’s Journey. I had to do it again. But I thought I had reached my “Ah- Ha” moment already. Tears filled my eyes and heart as I relayed my testimony to Davene.

Some one should have said, “Baby you ain’t seen nothing yet”.

Sitting at that convention I had rewritten my DMP.    It went as follows:  Feb. 2013  “My DMP is to provide through my work and due diligence a new lifestyle for my daughter and myself. I will spend a minimum of 8 hours weekly on my business and goals. I agree to give up sleeping-in Mon – Friday and personal tv time weekly. My goal is to achieve Gold by June 30th 2013 and to be earning 5,000/month by Dec. 31st 2013. With this Alaena and I will find a new home with a pool in a subdivision here in Florida. I will talk to 2+ people daily 7 days per week. I plan to retire in 5 years and travel summers with my family”       ( reading in now I see the ‘will’ and flags  )

A few weeks later my daughter and I had to move out of our home of five years. I found myself with no income, little assistance, an ex telling me I “was in a downward spiral to nothing and absolute failure”. We put our belongings into a storage unit. It was the two of us,  a couple of suitcases and my car.  We stayed with friends and family; homeless.

Despite telling myself what I wanted and writing it down…….I was working with the same blueprint, subby and expecting a different outcome. If I didn’t believe it myself how could I expect anyone else to.  Living out of your suitcase, sleeping on a sofa, spending hour after hour in coffee shops, the park or your car waiting for your daughter to finish school for the day…… Reality hits fast and hard.

Time to stop moping and hoping and put on some Big Girl Pants! I began telling myself I could and would. Talking to people in the coffee shops and becoming a part of the community. I stopped looking at where I had failed and seeing what I had learned and where I had succeeded.

Since then….. I have two special friends whom are supportive and understanding but don’t let me get away nor expect less than me doing my best. Several months ago my daughter and I moved out of my moms living room into…….Yup!  You guessed it; a new home with a pool, in a subdivision, here in Florida.  I did not achieve Gold on time but I feel like Gold. Still working on that DMP (incorporated its feelings into my new version).  I talk to 2 per day.  Three today!

My walking buddy told me the other day how much she admires me. I am always so happy, cheerful, positive, seem to really be able to get things done, and have achieved so much.  [ I used to walk daily alone. One morning I stated that it would be nice to meet someone in the neighborhood to walk with….that morning I ran into Lynda. We walk five mornings a week now ]

Law of Attraction, over and over.

Ah-ha….I think I am getting it.

Week Three – OMG! Bam!!

We have now officially began Week 3 of MKMMA.

I am learning and progressing slowly; gaining momentum with each day and each week. I was at first, as Mark stated today, a touch too much “Thomas” but leaning more to  “Simon”.  In my heart I believed but ‘The Scientist’ in me wanted to see the facts. This comes from years of being a Geologist/ Scientist. Luckily I held a bit of the dreamer inside.

I read three times daily, Mandino’s “Worlds Greatest Salesman in the World”. It is difficult some days of late to restrain from reading aloud in the morning.  Sometimes I feel the subby needs to hear it a little stronger. I am putting Enthusiasm into it. My old BP…. quakes at this idea. I read my DMP three times daily, with HEM and Enthusiasm. Blueprint Builder and Masterkeys and those little 3×5 cards with a big voice.

But my friends!

I have added to my daily readings. A year ago someone posted this on facebook.  I saw it, read it and saved it aside. I glanced at it a few times. But forgot about it.


I came across it today after our webinar.

I read it out loud.

Read it again!

After reading it a half dozen times I could almost literally hear Tony Robbins in my head. Then, there it was!


Haanel, Hill, Mandino…  O-M-G!  They are all there!  Between the lines, in the lines, in my head……

Ok! So…..

This is my twist on it.  [  I hope Mr. Robbins excuses me for the alterations. ]

I am in the midst of a war,   a battle between the limits of a crowd seeking the surrender of my dreams [aka the cement mixers and builders],    and the Power of My true vision to create and contribute.    It is a fight between those who tell me what I cannot do, and that part of Me    that knows,   and has always known,    that I am/we are/you are  More that our environment,    and that a dream,    backed by an Unrelenting Will to attain it,    Is truly a Reality     with an imminent arrival!

and as my daughter would say…..”Da Da Daaaa–aaaaaa”   [ she is so dramatic ]




Week Two: “……Have a Nice Day!”

When the world gets in my face, I say, Have a Nice Day

Today, I received a text message that Bon Jovi was playing in Anaheim and how great it would be if I was there.  Bing!  I could suddenly hear that song in my head. So many times this song has played loud and strong in my car.

My Dad lived the lie. He was a absolutely brilliant man, he had abilities that most men could only dream of but he was loaded heavy with the cement of the world. Told he couldn’t achieve and not believing strong enough in himself that he could.  He worked various blue collar jobs throughout his life, even took on odd side jobs through the years. We scraped-by growing up, just having enough. I saw the weight of this on his face too often.

I have memories too of times when some of that weight was lifted from him. The smile on my dad’s face in a photo of him teaching me to snowboard and one of him wearing my mom’s wig because it made me giggle. I remember the stories he would tell me about the animals in the forest behind our home. He would tell of their journeys. He’d change his voice to match each character.  He was so proud the day I graduated from High School. Later when he got sick I insisted on coming home to see him. He tried to convince me that my classes at college were too important to miss. I went home anyway. He was happy to see me but worried. I assured him it was all taken care of. He passed away the following month. He wanted more for me than he was able to give himself or to me.

I have had many successes in my life. I too count my children at the top of this. I was a stay-at-home mom for ten years. Investing in them.  I had a successful small restaurant business for several years. When I decided to change my life and career to something that was more challenging and meaningful to me it meant more education. I pursued it knowing from day one what my goal was to be.  Admittedly I have hit many roadblocks along the way since then. I have had several failures and successes. Two years ago the weight of the world was proving too much for me and I almost gave in to it. I lost my job then my home.  I almost lost my hope and my life. I grabbed hold of that tiny bit of hope and am building on it.

I have spent time over the past year getting stronger. My physical health is to the point that I have a hard time seeing traces of how it had been. Then it was time to work on that mysterious me within.

I am in week two of Masterkey Master Mind Alliance. My tools to Self discovery! Self enlightenment!.  Facing all the fears, doubts, hopes, dreams and embracing what I want most and taking those steps of achievement! I am making lists and checking off chores. Building and reading my DMP (Definite Major Purpose) and setting myself up for full achievement. Reading from Og Mandino’s “World’s Greatest Salesman in the World” 3x daily. The new Blueprint is being constructed, the old coming down. It is amazing how writing a few little words on a 3×5 card and achieving it can make one feel so good.

So to all the negative kharmas, the cement builders…. I say to you….. “Have a Nice Day“!

I am “standing on the ledge, I show the wind how to fly“….. just watch me soar!


The Path Taken

By Tammy L. Henry

Could the path we take not lead to the same road as the one not taken? We all make choices, could those choices not lead us as far from our destiny as we might think or desire? Sometimes we choose a longer path, or one filled with rocks or more paths. Is this not a maze? In this maze called life it all doesn’t really matter. One path leads to the same road as any other path. Matter to who? In this maze of life we struggle, ponder, wonder, fall, and glide. We all do so. It’s a huge universal twisted maze with a single entrance and exit. Where we go inside it . . . it all matters, it is all our choice. We all come out in the end, one exit. So what path am I going to take?

A Poem I had published about ten years ago….

Week One – Acronym and other successes

First of all: Let me just say, with all the negative going on in the world today; I am even more thankful to be focusing on the positive. Especially the positive ‘Within’.

Our dialog and lives are even more inundated with acronyms, initials, nicknames…. shorted versions of so much. We want a way to get quickly from one place to another or from one thought to another, quick commercials of stories of life.  I love the way Og Mandino put it, “I must practice patience for nature acts never in haste. To create the olive, king of all trees, a hundred years is required. An onion plant is old in nine weeks. I have lived as an onion plant. I has not pleased me…..”.

We, as a society, shall never again take the long way to all achievements. Gone are the days of “walking ten miles to school in the snow….” as my mom would say.  But sometimes a long walk is what we need. Today I took my long walk. Five miles which took me outside of my comfortable quaint subdivision and into the rural area behind which I never ventured into before. I feel accomplished with my tired legs. I walked past a pasture and stood for a moment watching the cows grazing and birds flying freely about.

I am working on my positive ‘within’.

I am succeeding with learning  and placing into habit each of my acronyms… I have written my DMP and a couple BLOGS. I have jotted down my OATS which include my expectations on my PV and GV. I read my BPB everyday and thanks to my USPS delivery I don’t depend on my PDF for my readings needed with MKMMA. I have a personal MMA and by MMMA along with my MKMMA’s MMA.  Wow!

Week One almost concluded. Bring on week two – I am ready!