Week Nine – Seasons of magic

This week my household as households across the nation had been readying for a day of Thanks. A time to gather together with family and friends and be thankful for everything we have received for the previous three hundred and sixty-four.

I personally took a few seconds out of my allotted 80,400 seconds of each day in November to find at least one thing I was Thankful for.  One day did not seem enough in my idea of proper balance.

At this holiday time we begin with Halloween and the magic of illusion and move into a time of Thanks-Gratefulness and now many of us now have switched gears for the Magic of Christmas.

Through Masterkeys I have taken, thus far, nine weeks of finding and developing a magic within myself. We have worked on developing small seemingly trivial tasks to developing positive habits that would overtake habits of mediocrity, selfishness, or negative comforts.  I grasp my own dreams and wishes, place upon them believe and imagery therefore develop a physical truth and attainment.


“I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.” Haanel 9-24


Week Eight- It’s the Law

I have now arrived at the end of Week Eight of MKMMA. To say that it has been a bumpy week plus is a gross understatement! Monday was a full system failure; hardwire and software issues gone spastic! I was anxious and irritated. I could hardly stand to be in the same room with myself, to the point of arguing with myself. I have been tired and sluggish. I felt like I was going crazy, or driving myself there. At one point I looked at the kitchen faucet and immediately took out the cleaner and scrubby and went to town. OCD overload! Tuesday was a little better, felt like I was getting a handle on things again. Wednesday I noticed a few little itchy dots on one arm. Between Wednesday and Thursday my arms, neck and chest are covered with a bumpy itchy rash. Today I am still broke out but most of itching and redness is gone. I have a clean house!  Was the rash environmental, internal, psychological……not 100% sure.

This week I have also been working on my mental diet.  I figured that since I don’t sit glued to the TV or even regularly watch it, no problem for me. I go onto the computer, get on and get things done. I don’t sit and mindlessly wander.  No news! No societal BS! I admit that my sense of going stir-crazy and lack of human interaction and the itching and arguing with myself compelled me to turn on the TV a couple of time. Although not sure if I happened upon these shows which then my mind connected with this adventure or if I my mind was looking for a connection and sought it out.  One evening I turned on the TV just in time to see the last half of The Matrix. The next night I turned on the TV and my Netflix (thereby keeping away the outside BS). And a movie I had never seen caught my eye. As I sat there watching it I got literal goose bumps. The movie was about a family who are the last descendants of a woman tried in Salem. She was not a witch but they practiced an art of spirituality and nature. Some call magic. They reminded me of being in sync with nature. In the movie, The Matrix he wins by believing in his destiny and in himself, by seeing the matrix as equal to himself. The daughter in “The Last Leaders” she finds her true self by accepting who she truly is and becoming one with nature. At one point her mother tells her that she is not the healer but from within her, the healing comes from the love that emanates from her heart, from within her. Being one with The Universal. This morning I woke up and my mind is going crazy. I am thinking about MKMMA, childhood memories, wants and desires, nature, science; true headache material.

To Try and bring some of it together:

I have been fighting Universal Law!

Haanel writes “….the result of your thought is governed by an immutable law“; unchangeable, carved in stone for eternity, always has been and always will be, law.

If it were not for law, the Universe would be a Chaos instead of a Cosmos“- Haanelhs-2004-21-a-web

It is the Law which makes the Universe one grand paean of Harmony.”- Haanel

Always will I dig for reasons to applaud…when I am moved to praise I will shout from the roofs” – Mandino

“An Eclectic Mix of Galaxies”-NASA.gov

We also read from Haanel; “There is therefore but one law, one principle, one cause, one Source of Power, and good and evil are simply words which have been coined to indicate the result of our action, or our compliance or non-compliance with this law.”

Non-compliance with the law is evil, bad, and subject to chaos. However, compliance is subject to good, a cosmos of harmony.

This week during our sit Haanel asked us to again create a mental image. However, we were to follow that image “back to its origination”. Haanel gave us an example of a Battleship. A very large, very heavy vessel that without Laws would not exist. Laws of nature and Laws of gravity, Laws of supply and demand, Democratic and social laws; so many come into play when building something of this grandeur.  It is a symbol of Defense, of Diplomacy, of Sacrifices, of Help and Gratitude, of Hope, of Truth, of Beauty, of Power, of Science, of Nature, of Universal Law…..

This week I broke apart and followed many things “back to its origination”.  Everything we have! Everything we are! Everything we desire! All follow the same Laws that make a Battleship.

On my office floor were a bunch of family photos. I have been little by little going through them. Sorting them and choosing photos to make copies of. The object was to make a scrapbook for each of my children to give to them for Christmas. As I sat there this week I began to see myself and my origination. Photos of my youngest daughter who is still a child. Then a book filled with pictures of my older children who are now adults when they were growing up. My sons baby items. Photos of myself graduating from the University and graduating High School. My grade school pictures and photos of myself and my parents when I was a baby. I sat and looked at a picture of my grandfather at six months old sitting on my great grandmothers lap. I was always told I look just like her. I sat there and traced every feature with my eye. My origination. How did I get to where I am today? The roads I traveled the decisions I have made.

Everything is Good and Evil. Haanel even said, ” Here then, is the secret of the origin of both good and evil, this is all the good and evil there ever was or ever will be.thZVY1O17D

The Earth is dynamic. It is ever changing but never changes. Everything is made up from the same four basic elements; Earth, Air, Nature and Fire; Energy and Vibrations; carbon, oxygen……..just varying combinations. We have everything here we will ever get. th5T4XIUA5

Not Good or Evil.  >>  A choice.  The same piece of paper, the same pencil….the same elements to choose from……will it build a Battleship or a Cruise Ship; will it build a home or a prison; will it build a future of love and prosperity or will it build a world of hunger and sadness.  There is good and evil in everything and everyone, it just depends on perspective and direction.

           Perspective: Live by Love!      Direction: Live by the Compass!


We are on a Seven Day Mental Diet. Clearing our minds and hearts of negative thoughts and gaining the ability to defend against taking negative in and allowing them to grow within us. In essence, helping us to use that simple piece of paper and pencil and build.  The world today is filled with too much hunger and sadness, loss of hope, taking and not giving, lack of gratitude and thanks, of darkness instead of beauty, of bureaucracy instead of diplomacy.

My mind has been clearing more every day. The idea of the cement Buddha and the idea of the pieces and layers of cement coming off it has a new light now.  At first I looked at this as exactly as it was stated layers and pieces falling off the outside.  It is more like an onion.  You reach into your onion bin and find one that is old and sofl, you see that little bit of green on the top and you know that if you don’t use it right away it will sprout. The outer layer has begun to dry up and perhaps is a bit brown or turning bad or mold on it. So you cut off the top. You begin to peal those outer layers off and find that what is underneath is still white and crisp. If you cut right in you will see the heart of a new green plant in the center, under all those layers; waiting to burst out and begin new again. If you had planted that dried up old onion a new plant may have grown.

The pieces of cement are layered on our hearts. Inside is a green and clean heart, ready to sprout with a new plant. We are cultivating the new soil and taking off the dried up moldy layers so the new plant can sprout and flourish.

You can not fight Universal Law!

Give Love Get Love!  Give a Little Get a Little! Give Much Get much! Give all you can Get all you can!


Week seven- Finding my way


I find myself at the end of week seven in MKMMA. It’s funny last week we were instructed to live by the compass instead of by the clock. This notion reminds me of something I learned some time ago about the myth of ‘ Time Management ‘.  Time can never be managed we can only learn to manage ourselves. Thus managing what direction we head, what path we take, what decisions we make and therefore what or where our outcome is.

Ten years ago I gave the one I loved a beautiful compass for Christmas. We were both studying geology. I had walked into a little shop one day and there it was. On it I had these words engraved, “May you never lose your way…”.  I now hold that compass in my possession. He lost his way for a while, left it and forgot about it. At least I had thought so. Recently he mentioned wishing he hadn’t lost that compass.

For week seven, Haanel instructs us to sit and visualize a friend, to see him exactly as we had last seen them, see every detail as though we were right there and have a conversation with him. At first when I sat I got disgruntled and antsy because it wasn’t working. I tried to purposely visualize people who meant something to me. But little by little I remembered an afternoon he and I had together in Cape Canaveral. We had finished a survey at NASA and were out to lunch. We talked about the survey and the data we had collected. Behind us the cruise ships began to leave the docks. We sat there watching them and all the travelers waving. Our conversation turned to the future. What things would be like after our work was done and he completed his degree. Where we wanted to travel together. We talked of a Mediterranean cruise, traveling to Scotland, Ireland and Italy. I took a picture of him eating lunch midway of putting food in his mouth. While I sit I do not even need to look at the picture and I can see every detail in my mind.

I  have been feeling unusually lost, more so than usual, as we have been getting deeper into this course. The blueprint that I had been working with is strong and seemed to be lashing out. However, at times my dreams again are clearer and more vivid, like they were when I was younger.  The old BP says to quit and tries to bring up the negative and distract me. I know I had gotten comfortable in the known even though I did not like it; complacent with mediocre though it was not what I could have.thMN1S11I3

My true compass will guide me.  A map tells me where I am standing spatially, a clock tells me where I am temporally.  But the compass tells me where I am going; no matter the obstacles, regardless of time or space.


I heard Lady Antebellum sing their new song last week.  It made my heart stop.

This is a wonderful Youtube of their song, ‘Compass’, that I really like.


Week Six – Physics of MKMMA


Simple Physics from High School and College!

Speed = the rate an object moves

Velocity = speed an object moves in given direction

Acceleration = change in velocity of an object

 Newton’s Laws:

1st- A body in motion stays in motion &  a body at rest stays at rest Unless acted on by some external force.

2nd- The rate of change of momentum on a body is directly proportional to external force and takes place in the direction of the force.

3rd- The body has an equal and opposite reaction to the force of the external acting upon it.

            Woaa!     The New Science!             Physics MKMMA Style !!!

Welcome Fellow Students!

Speed = Attainment and Success of My DMP + Power of My WITHIN

Velocity = Liberty and Legacy along with Spiritual and Physical Health and Recognition for Creative Expression

Acceleration = The words within Mandino, Haanel, Emerson and Me.

Force and friction= My old Blueprint, the cement builders, news & media as compared to my New Blueprint

How I Roll with MKMMA

 I am so enjoying the Physics of MKMMA!!!!