Week Thirteen- Gratitudes

Apologies for making everyone in my group wait for my post.


Week Thirteen….

Whew what a week.

Sunday began with celebrating my daughter’s Tenth birthday. Hard to believe; the time has flown so quickly. She is above all my biggest gratitude in life. She is my daughter and my best friend. She tries my patience at times but is my angel baby and keeps my going. I am so blessed by my wonderful children.

Sunday evening, we attended a fun filled evening at the equestrian center she attends for a Christmas party. Surrounded by friends she knew and new friends…everyone sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to her. She was very surprised and couldn’t have smiled any bigger.

Tuesday was very quiet celebration of my birthday. Tuesday afternoon, I joined a multitude of others for some last minute holiday shopping on Christmas Eve. I was I have been having some difficulties of late with hip and leg pain. After a couple of hours shopping Tuesday I found myself beyond my threshold. I still wanted to buy my daughter a new bike. A very nice employee had helped me earlier but when I had made my decision there was no one around. When I slowly made my way to the checkout lane disappointed to not have the bike, I asked the cashier about assistance or to getting a bike from the front of the store. She called her manager who came to help me. The manager seeing my discomfort and pain, told me to wait there she would be back in a few minutes. She went to the bike department and brought up the bike, took me to a register near-by. She then, with out my request, brought the bike to my vehicle and loaded it for me. My heart was so filled with gratitude. I Thanked her several times. Other than exhaustion, it was a very successful day.

Christmas morning I was woken in the morning with my daughter’s excitement. “Mommy, Mommy, did you see?  Mommy, I got a bike for Christmas! There is not tag on it but there is a bow and ribbon. I know it’s for me. Mommy! You have to come see!”  I stood and said, It’s going to be a wonderful Christmas after all. The pain seemed fainter and my heart larger.

Today, Sunday, I am finally feeling better. That plateful of cookies in the picture……I got to eat one!  Gratitude to the staff at my local ER last night. Thursday morning I began feeling achy all over and noticed the beginnings of what I thought was a cold. I slept all Friday and Saturday. Saturday I was awoken from one of my naps feeling like I was choking. My glands and throat were swollen even under my chin. I got someone to watch my daughter and I headed to the emergency room. They took care of my right away. They were so caring.  I have never been so grateful to get a shot (Wow, did it hurt :-)). They gave me a shot of steroids to start taking down the swelling.

So….. to the cookies. I haven’t eaten solid food since Thursday morning. Today with the a swish of lidocaine to numb my throat I was so happy to eat a holiday cookie.

Gratitude to all the little things along with the big.

** My pile of cards grows  🙂

Happy Holidays and Wishing Everyone Many Many Blessings in The New Year!


Week Twelve- Supply and Demand

I can not believe we have been on this MKMMA adventure for three months. The time has moved along so quickly; and seemingly accelerated quicker by the holiday season. I admit that I sat down several times to write this week. However great the demand was for words the supply was nil. I went to bed frustrated and feeling as though I had failed. Completely the opposite of that which I have been reading from Og Mandino’s Scroll III; “Never will I allow any day to end with a failure.”

We always hear the phrase…”Go sleep on it”.  Well, upon the closing of my frustrated eyes to sleep, my mind and heart worked on the issue.  I woke up this morning with the frustrations and anxiety gone.

“You must first have the knowledge of your power”

You must have “the courage to dare”

You must have “the faith to do”

-Haanel’s  Master Key -Part Twelve

The new subby is growing and slowly winning the battle even while I sleep. It acknowledged the power of the faith that I have and gave me courage.

With so much demand on me this week it is encouraging to know that I can and will succeed. I just need to trust in myself and that which I am learning. I continue to supply my ‘Within’ with little seeds to grow continued healthy habits.

The holiday season is upon us all. With it brings celebrations of the birth of Jesus but I celebrate other births at this time of year.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of my youngest daughter, Alaena. She will be Ten.2013-09-28 13.47.06

Monday is my younger sisters birthday.

Tuesday I am demanded to celebrate my own birthday.


With all the fuss going on it is easy to forget the true reasons for this season.  I share with you our Christmas trees. This is my tree out on the lanai. It is here to celebrate my family, my hopes and dreams; everything that I am grateful for.

2013-12-21 11.25.24

Each of my children are in the red circles; my legacy. The blue rectangle represent creative expression; a staircase of a home that I seek, a house on the beach and my new car all which a chosen individually to my personality and filled with that from my heart and soul. The little green tree ornament, triangle,  holds red circles for my grandchildren.

2013-12-13 12.29.54< The fresh cut tree in the living room. New ornaments for the new life we begin.

2013-12-13 12.30.29< Tree in my office area. It has birds, pinecones and even pears on it. Bringing the outside in. And I suppose in the case of MKMMA ….”birds of a feather flock together”….

So in the season of Giving…may we all Receive many many Blessings! And as we are pulled by all the Demands of the time…may all find in our own Powers of Within and the Universe to be Supplied with what is in each of our Hearts!

Happy Holidays!

2013-11-30 18.45.31



Week Eleven- Inductive versus Deductive

th (4)We are at the end of week Eleven of our Masterkey Master Mind Alliance adventure. At first I looked at this as a class. Then I viewed it in context with a post-graduate course. I have taken many classes; from basket weaving 101 to phych 101 to advanced applied geomorphology. This is an adventure to different levels and dimensions I never dreamed possible.

Haanel 11-1 states: Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind by which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.
Haanel 11-2 states: Induction proceeds by comparison of facts; it is this method of studying nature which has resulted in the discovery of a reign of law which has marked an epoch in human progress.

As a student of the sciences I have dealt with a lot of deductive logic. We state a hypothesis and then set out to prove it right or wrong. At times trying new methods over and over changing a variable along the way. Now I get to learn to look at it all from a different perspective.

Deductive reasoning is used when we can not directly observe a cause but only the effect.

Inductive reasoning is used when we know and see the effect and need a cause.  Through MKMMA we recognize and embrace the links between cause and effect. If we think thFQJP3MCEpositively we get a more positive outcome. “Give more Get more”.  A domino effect begins.

I have gone from writing chores on a card to scripting services I perform.

I have gone from figeting for a five second sit to taking a five second total body reboost any where needed by simply placing my mind in correct tune.

I see where this adventure has come thus far and to think we still have fourteen weeks left.

Inductive reasoning allows us to know the effect we choose and then choose the cause that will thereby make it so!

thBHAP1RLO [Butterfly species-Alaena Nyasa]

Week Ten- chomping positives

Scroll Three of Mandino tells us to Persist until Success in achieved. Haanel 10.17 says, “It has been explained that the law of causation depends upon polarity, a circuit must be formed; this circuit cannot be formed unless we operate in harmony with the law. ” Whatever it is we desire it will not be achieved without being in harmony with the polarity of the object and keep working at it until we achieve it.

My daughter and I headed to Texas for the weekend. In the past we have always driven but fourteen hours is a lot. This time we were going to fly. two and half hours sounded great. She was four the last time she was on a plane. At first she was excited.

This morning as we were on our way to the airport today my daughter and I are talking about our trip we are about to take. She was seriously nervous about flying on a plane. She has been doing many of the exercises with me. My own little MMA with her and I.

We talked about The 7 Laws of the Mind and the Law of Substitution. We went over our “Do it Now” and then added “I am whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.

After a few minutes I looked up and said,” it helps if the other person is listeninth (8)g”.

She looked up and said, “I was listening. Mommy you know that game.

” What game?, I asked.

“The game where the little mouth eats all the balls.”

I thought for a moment and asked her if she meant Pac Man.

She smiled. “Yeah, peptides and choices are like that game. We want to eat all the positive happy balls not the bad negative balls.” We decided we are going to be like Ms. Pac Man and find and eat all the positives we can and win the game.  Love it!!

Later we were on the plane and she is beginning to panic. I told her to close her eyes and picture herself sitting beside the pool, the waterfall is on. Listen to the water….  She opened her eyes and said she felt better. When we were ready to take-off she closed her eyes and pictured herself sitting under her favorite tree.

Priceless Successful trip thus far!!!

Now if I can keep my positive mental diet going while shivering in 40 degree temps while it is 80 back in Florida………………