Week Seventeen – My New Perspective on Discipline

So much going on during our seventeenth week of MKMMA. My word this past week as a part of our ‘Franklin Makeover’ is Discipline.

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The basic dictionary definition of discipline:

1.training to act in accordance with rules; drill: military discipline.
2.activity, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill; training
3.punishment inflicted by way of correction and training.
4.the rigor or training effect of experience, adversity, etc.
5.behavior in accord with rules of conduct; behavior and order maintained by training and control.
So I set about keeping an eye out for people and actions of which support positive discipline along with my own.
On Monday, I worked hard to seek out examples. I almost felt (old blueprint) as though perhaps it was an extremely difficult task. But if we see it in others then we must have it in ourselves.
I put faith in that thought and went about my daily routines.
I see now that though I thought some of my routines as haphazard, they in-fact are part of my discipline; my own behavior and order.
I can still improve, for we should all seek to improve and learn and grow.  Each of us as different as we are, truly have our own order to our selves, our own regimen; yet still in tune and harmony with each other.
As a part of MKMMA we have our rituals, both required and suggested. We all read Og first thing upon rising in the morning; perhaps I rise a little later or earlier than others. During our sit we all work on visualization but do not all see the same thing. Weekly is the blog; of which Thank You for reading. Some post their blog earlier during the week. Personally I have come to the habit and regimen of writing on Friday. I see it as an accumulation or summary of all I have experienced throughout the week. Whether or not I write of the entire week or just one idea; all I have experienced is within me.
I guess I just needed to relax and step back; see the calm and beauty in the chaos; and gain a new perspective.




Week Sixteen – Universal Kindness

To be able under all circumstances to practice five things constitutes perfect virtue;

these five things are


generosity of soul,


earnestness and


– Confucius

We end this sixteenth week of Master Key Mastermind Alliance with the harmony of over two hundred hearts working as one.

Individuals we are no more;

we are beginning to come together in Universal unity.

thISWL0RR2                    We have been lending a helping hand.


Giving the gift of a smile.   smile

Kindness is seen by us, within us and all around us.


I know that my steps are straighter and easier to manage. My smile bigger and brighter. My mind clearer. My heart and soul, lighter and enlightened.

We have captured and claimed a victory with our second virtue. May we continue showing it always.

Blessings to my fellow MKMMA family! Peace!

Week Fifteen- Initiative

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My ‘Makeover’ Word of the week.


“1.ability to act on your own: the ability to act and make decisions without the help or advice of other people.”

“2. an introductory act or step”

I was a little slow with catching up on the week. As part of week fifteen we were to take a list of eleven virtues and number them according to our personal needs of improvement. For me, initiative jumped out at me. I look at this in the same respect as I did when choosing my PPN’s so many weeks ago….. with the accomplishment of the first all others will follow.  And thus I seek my world as the fervent observer for this virtue in others. For I have faith that I have this virtue within me and the more I become aware of it, the stronger this virtue can grow within myself.

*I see initiative in my favorite barista at Starbucks. She greets me by name. She took the initiative to take an interest in her customers. Not because she was told to, for many others do not, but because her personal greeting makes her customers happy and feel appreciated.

*I see it in my daughter who came home from school today excited because she took the initiative to put her name on the list for the school talent show.

This is a virtue I have within. From taking the initiative to send an email to join MKMMA to not sleeping in this morning but instead to get up and get going on my list of services —

I continue to see and to appreciate this virtue all around me to therefore strengthen the virtue of Initiative in myself……. To act on my own, to make decisions



th (6)Definition of Initiative to me: To step forward ahead of the crowd. To listen to self and act. To lead.

And what is to follow Initiative……….. discipline, enthusiasm, persistence, decisiveness, courage and eventually a stronger more powerful awareness of ‘Within’

Week Fourteen- I Resolve to Succeed

    NewYearsEve1        I Resolve to Succeed! 

I stopped setting up New Years Resolutions long ago. I now know that this was my way to keep myself from yet another act of failure.

We have all at one time or another, for some of us more than average; set up some those big new year goals. We were going to lose weight, spend more time with family, get a new job, a new house, more money, be nice or have nicer.  Then down the road we fail. We hit the pavement like gang busters on January 1st with dreams of what we want in our heads. Then after a few days or a few weeks the dream has faded and we have fallen off the wagon. We get upset and angry and depressed with our selves. Thus feeding the failure. We tell ourselves this year was going to be different.

It is different!

These 86,400 seconds today are completely unlike the 86,400 seconds I used yesterday or those of which I will have tomorrow. Have I wasted some of them….no.  Did I use some of those seconds not to the highest degree that they should have, yes!

I can not change yesterday. I can and do learn from it and apply that knowledge to today’s seconds so that perhaps tomorrows seconds will be more in line with ultimate usage.

So…………  I Resolve to Succeed!

I Resolve to not beat myself up for the seconds of which I incorrectly used.

I Resolve to praise myself for the seconds of which I used correctly.

For the seconds I used to hug my family, Success!

For the seconds I used to give the world a smile, Success!

For the seconds I used to dream a dream and perform even one task toward its completion, Success!

For the seconds I held fast to a good habit and applied it correctly, Success!

I Resolve to Succeed!