Week Nineteen – ‘Reality’

The ‘reality’ of our existence. What is ‘real’?

Haanel says, “The search for truth is no longer a haphazard adventure, but it is a systematic process, and is logical in its operation.”

We bake a cake but following steps; if we toss all ingredients into a bowl at the same time it will not be a cake. Our lives, our destiny must be baked (formed) in steps or we just come out with something else.

We have spent nineteen weeks getting in touch with this systematic process, learning the logic behind The Universal, the logic of each our individuals. Learning the logic, the truth, the purpose….the reality of our existence.

Part nineteen of Haanel’s Master Keys begins as such, “Fear is a powerful form of thought. It paralyzes the nerve centers, thus affecting the circulation of the blood.”

“Human experience will then no longer be the football of fate; a man will not be the child of fortune, but destiny.”

A few weeks ago we were asked, “What am I pretending not to know?”.  I wrote out this question and taped in to my computer. Every moment I sit there , I see it. I would ask myself this question. And for days and weeks I could not answer it. What am I pretending not to know?

“Good is reality, something tangible”….Evil is the “absence of Good”. Good-Truth-Knowledge>Tangible/Reality.

Evil-ignorance-error>products of the absence of the tangible, absence of reality.

Absence of taking control of our mind. When we let in and let others control, when we choose to pretend we don’t know.

We do know who we are.

We do know what we want in life.

We do know our abilities when we stop being lost or stuck.

“Mind is the real and the eternal” Mind is the spirit with us. It is us. Matter changes. Our minds form matter. As Haanel pointed out the Earth and our physical Universe is dynamic. It has always been changing and will keep changing. We are real. I will never be you. You will never be me. We will never be the same but we are connected to all. Once we learn how to connect to the spiritual Universal we gain a power than it greater than each of us alone. One mind may come up with the concept of molding a piece of metal but it takes many more minds together to build a battleship.

I have often thought of this idea of connections, existence, lack of existence, etc. At times it has been a cause of great anxiety within me. At other times it brings peace. Whether something no longer exists in a form of matter than can be touched does not change its existence. So why would it bring anxiety or peace. Mind! Do I let fear be more powerful.  Anxiety comes from lack of the reality of truth, good or knowledge.

Haanel speaks in part nineteen of “ether”. That if this ether were not continuous and connected to us we would be unable to see the light of stars trillions of miles from us with a light that took 2,000 years to reach us. Matter is in “a state of perpetual flux” it is not in a “fixed” state. Our bodies are matter. If it is an idea of mind over matter; we must then choose what “matter” we form. Formed from our imagination from our thought formed from our dreams using environment and other matters available to us.

Mind is our ‘Within’. Our ‘Within’ is a part of the ‘Universal’. The Universal is everything. If I am a part of the everything; if my spiritual being is a part the ‘One’ then ‘I’ have always existed and will always exist. The tangible of something we can not touch but is absolutely there. Which leads to faith in what we can not see and perception of what we ‘see’…..but these are to be left for another day.



5 thoughts on “Week Nineteen – ‘Reality’

  1. Karen Krill says:

    Tammy, I am speechless! This is so thoughtful and well written – it makes me think and helps answer some of my” questions”. I know all the things that you talked about, but you put it in such a way that has helped me to internalize it. Waiting for next week. Thanks.

  2. David Sigler says:

    So thoughtful I had to read it twice and I will read again. Much to say about everything.

  3. “We do know who we are.” Phew. Now, I just wish I would tell me who I am. It’s always been in us, but some have to dig deeper than others to uncover the true soul we are inside. Thanks for these thoughts!

  4. Wow, this made me stop and think. I love how you pose the questions. Very thoughtful and insightful

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