Week Twenty – What has Value to each of us?

The value of a penny.

The value of a dream.

The value of your soul.

The value of your life.

Haanel said in 20-2: “You may have all the wealth in Christendom, but unless you recognize it and make use of it, it will have no value; so with your spiritual wealth….”

Matter exists because of mind. I am because of the conscious thought and value my parents placed at a point in time some time ago. My value has changed because I let it change. I have not changed. I am made up of the same mix of DNA and molecules as the day I was conceived.

So what changed?

Why is it that………….One day I am working corporate America and making split second decisions; coordinating contractors, subcontractors and machinery; quickly and efficiently keeping engineering, geological and mathematical logistics ………………Then ………… too quickly……….it is all Gone…………along with it is my ability to perform the simple task of telling my foot to raise eight inches and walk up two steps to get into my house or hold a pen in my hand.

My DNA didn’t suddenly change. I was still me. The same spirit in the same shell of a body.

So what changed?

Our exercise this week in Master Keys was to concentrate on the fact that “In him we live and move and have our being”…..that I am because He is….to learn the secret between Good and Evil….between Light and Dark…………..And in the end having succeeded in this exercise we will have found a solution to all of our problems. Problems concerning physical, financial or environmental.

So what had changed?

Perhaps I lost sight of what was important, truly important. I allowed the Dark to gain power and existence/ reality than it does. Perhaps I let my financial situation; the fact that I lost my job because of the financial decisions of someone else; over power what was important. Perhaps I gave the lack of a penny more value than I gave myself, lost sight of my dreams and aspirations.


If a shiny new penny sits in the middle of a parking lot and no one picks it up to spend it does it have value?


What of our dreams that lie silent in our mind never spoken, drawn, or written; never shared?

Alaena's snowball

Thinking deeply about this gives a whole new twist on phrases like, “Take matters into your own hands”.


Today I drove up to take my bike out of storage after winter.

Spring is here, the sun is shining, the weather is warm and I Thank God everyday that not only can I walk but,  Yes!  I can ride my bike. ( almost as good as that little chameleon).

Love, Laugh, Give Thanks, Smile, Hug someone, Ride a Bike, or Stop to Smell the Flowers….We have come so far in so little time my fellow MKMMA family!





10 thoughts on “Week Twenty – What has Value to each of us?

  1. In our 20s (if not sooner), we’re told to get a job. People we meet ask us, “What do you do for a living?” or “What are you?” Everything in our identity somehow got rooted into our profession, and when it’s gone, perhaps we wonder a bit too strongly about who we are. Odd how that happens the second after or years later as we start to stand tall for ourselves. It’s not warm enough to ride a bike, but I’ll go hug, laugh, give thanks, and everything else a couple more times this week. Thanks!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful thoughtful share. You are so right, it can all change in a moment and it did for me as well. Value of a Penny? Interesting, that I love it when I find a penny in the middle of the street. I immediately pick it up and put it in my shoe for good luck . (Old tradition that was honored by my mom with her penny loafer shoes ) I still look for the magic, just in case it still there. Today I found the magic in your blog. I live, love, Laugh and give thanks to be on this journey with you!

  3. Karen Krill says:

    I agree with Cheryl that there is magic in your blog. I’ll look at pennies and other object with a different “eye”. Thanks for a beautiful Blog.

  4. David Sigler says:

    If a shiny new penny sits in the middle of a parking lot and no one picks it up to spend it does it have value? Tammy what a thought provoking sentence and blog. Made me think. What of our dreams never shared? A haunting reality of most people, but not here. NOT YOU! Not mkmmaer’s! 🙂

  5. I really enjoyed your post Tammy; reminds me to be grateful for the little things in life; thanks, pat

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