Week Twenty-One – “Cut It Out!”

Cut it out!


We all get Stuck in the comfort zone that frankly,

doesn’t fit,

it isn’t comfortable,

it’s comforting because it’s known;

it’s safer than jumping into whatever unknown you may have considered…………..thQ8Q5ZSCW

Stop what ever got you there or is keeping you there and make a change!

Stop it!   Cut it out!

Misery loves company………… tell misery to go home!

My pastor at church used lizards as a metaphor for anger and other emotions that sneak in.  Like lizards, spiders or other little critters that we do not want in our homes or our live we need to take action against them. We all have bug sprays and fly swatters, traps and tricks to keep critters out or if they do invade to get them out or squash them dead.

What about the little things that come into our lives that make us angry, hurt, guilty feeling, unworthy or the like?

What do we have ready at hand to trap them, keep them at bay, or squash them dead?

Through MKMMA we have learned many TOOLS that we may not have realized.

TOOLS in our MKMMA Belt

Law of Substitution.  – Tag a positive emotion or positive thought into the arena when feeling angry.

Law of Forgiveness.  – Forgiveness does not mean we forget but we move on.

Law of Relaxation. – Take a five second breather, meditate….count to ten.

Law of Practice. – Bring one of those miraculous habits into play and do it or say over and over. I am WPSPLHH…..

Law of Dual Thought. – Can not be focusing on feeling unworthy if you just completed a goal. Celebrate! You did it!

Law of Subconscious. – Keep squashing that old blueprint. New habits-good habits-successes and achievements

Law of Growth. – WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY BABY!     Happiness, Pride, Self-worth……

“What you feed grows, what you starve dies.”

Feed the new blueprint and positive habits. Polish up the gold we are revealing in the Buddha.

th (13)

Starve the old blueprint and negative habits. Toss the broken bits of cement into the garbage.


10 thoughts on “Week Twenty-One – “Cut It Out!”

  1. adamorlandella says:

    Great post. Thanks for reminding us about the tools we can use to protect our minds much like we do our outward possessions!

  2. Taking action and cutting out what no longer fits. Great analogies for dismantling the comfort zone. Keep going.

  3. David Sigler says:

    I liked this one a lot ! This one Tammy would be great to break down into thought of the day. Great advice!

  4. I love it…”Tell misery to go home” It really is that simple. It makes me laugh. Love you blog…thanks for sharing

  5. mentorsusan says:

    Hi Tammy, I love your simplicity of words with such huge meaning.

  6. Sue says:

    Why DO we hang on so tightly to things we don’t like?!?! Very good post, guiding us away from the uncomfortable comforting things we’re used to. Thanks!

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