Week Twenty-Four – East Coast meets West


I spent the past week in California. This is something that I always wanted to do. I always had excuses that overpowered by desire. I have spent months worth of time along the Florida Atlantic coast and much time along the Gulf Coast. I wanted to see the Pacific Ocean to breathe in the air and see the sunset on the horizon of the waters. Nine years ago my son was stationed in California. I have said too many times I would love to visit my granddaughter and son, see my son marry his second wife…  There was the same excuses we all make; can’t take time off work, not enough money, timing not right, blah blah.  I have missed out on too many things because I lacked the courage to step up or step out and do it. My excuses were words of fear of one thing or another.

I had written down on paper that I was going to visit my son on or before December 2015.  I saw an opportunity to make it happen before and did it! I literally was holding my breath when I clicked the button on the computer to book the flight. The day before I was pacing but telling myself to think of all the wonderful things I would see. I was so excited! I would not and did not let my fears stop me!

Upon take off of the plane for an instant I was afraid and scenarios began….No! I visualized the outcome. I could see the ocean view in my mind. I pictured my two beautiful granddaughters. I pictured the fun my little daughter and I were going to have on the beach. Before I knew it we were in the air and me…. .. I felt light and free.  The apprehensions were gone.

We had a phenomenal week!!  We arrived in the evening and were tired after flying all day. I woke up the next morning early and ready to go. We got breakfast in the hotel and then began our day. I had forgotten what mountains looked like. We walked around a little shopping district that used to be an old railroad town. Seeing the old time buildings set against the mountain back drop was breathtaking.  The flowers and trees seemed more colorful and beautiful than imaginable. No lie!

The next morning the misty air hung on some of the mountain tops and others were already glistening with the sun. We headed out to a vineyard to take a tour. To sit and watch the flowers sway in the breezes and smell the air. It was mesmerizing to sit above the vineyard and take it all in.  We tested some wines and just relaxed.

2014-03-22 11.21.19We had no time agenda.

No itinerary to adhere to.

Truly guided by my compass!

Sunday we drove up to visit my son. 2014-03-23 11.54.51

We drove through mountain valleys and up and down the mountain. We saw vineyards and groves of oranges and olives. We arrived at my son’s after almost five hours of driving. I wasn’t tired the views had kept me going. To see my grandbabies in person…… still brings a tear to my eye. I am a grandma! To touch my little baby granddaughter Annalee’s tiny little hand; really brought the reality of what I had.  We talked and laughed all day. I shared stories of my son growing up with him and his wife (whom I had not met prior to this trip).  My daughter, Alaena who is ten got along with my granddaughter, Ariah who is eight, like they had grown up together. One would think they were best friends.  We ended the night with a family dinner.  A Priceless Day!

2014-03-23 18.24.00

The rest of the week was spent taking in California. I ventured through Old Town again. Visited a shop that sold olive oil. The olives were grown just outside town. They pressed the olives into fresh EVOO!  Olive oil and vinegar taste testing. Waiting for my order to arrive via UPS here in Florida, next week. Vanilla & Fig Balsamic Vinegar with Cirtus Reserve OVOO and a jar of Olives.  The air always had a wonderful aromas of lavender, basil, olive oil, and oaks.

Wednesday, our last official day, we drove to Laguna Beach. I was like a kid seeing the mountains and caverns around me. I could have spent a week just taking in the geological sites. When I spotted the ocean coming into view… I thought… I am here!  I – am – in – CALIFORNIA!!

We walked along the top boardwalk and then headed down to the beach. Walked along the beach. The water was freezing cold. The tide was coming in and Alaena enjoyed playing catch with the water. After a while we headed back up to get some lunch. We walked through shops and found a nice little Italian restaurant. The food was fabulous. More fabulous was the fact that they served gluten-free pasta. Yummy! I had a dish that had mussels, scallops, shrimp, calamari and such.  After wards we headed back to the beach. Alaena climbed around on the rocks and beach discovering shells, critters and plants in tide pools. I walked around some but found myself a comfy seat on a rock and just sat. The breeze blowing and sun shining on my face. I just watched and observed my daughter playing and families from all over enjoying the beach. The waves rising and breaking on the sand and rocks. The birds flying over head. The little bugs milling around some seaweed from this mornings tide. I watched as the sun began to fade and dusk was around the corner. We headed back up to the car. We drove out of the area as I watched the sun begin to set.

From the plane Thursday morning I watched below the beaches and lowlands, the valleys and mouCAM00125ntains.

I will come back!

I promise!

No more excuses!

Another DMP down but more importantly is the new life and light inside. I know challenges lie ahead of me each day. But I will succeed. As I woke up this morning after twenty-four hours of sleep from jet lag and exhaustion I could hardly walk but I won’t stop and let it win. When my legs screamed to stop walking my heart still took in all around me and told me just one more step. One more. There is more wonder to see around the next corner….keep going!



2 thoughts on “Week Twenty-Four – East Coast meets West

  1. David Sigler says:

    Beautiful life, thanks for sharing and thanks for overcoming your obstacles so you could have this to share with us, congratulations!

  2. Beautiful descriptions. “There is more wonder to see around the croner. Keep going”. Good for a card. Thanks.

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