About Me

I am a mom of four wonderful children. They are my greatest achievement and greatest gift. My oldest son Josh is the proud daddy to my two beautiful granddaughters, Ariah and Annalee. His wife, Amanda has two of the cutest little boys, who are now my grandsons; Caleb and Conner.  My youngest son Ben and his wife Katie are the proud parents of sweet little Benjamin. They are expecting little Noah in January. My daughter Jennifer and her hubby Justin just got married this June.  My youngest daughter Alaena is in the fourth grade. She is my angel.

My road through life has been full of plenty of bumps, boulders, curves and detours mixed in with some joyous soft cruising patches.  There have been many times I look above and I wonder why; many times I just look up to just say ‘Thank you’.

And now I start another leg in my journey to rediscover myself. The power and ‘magic’ within.


One thought on “About Me

  1. swtcelt3625 says:

    I love it you are inspiring and a amazing poet

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